Tado Smart AC & Heat Pump Control V3+

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The smart way to control your AC.
The tado° Smart AC Control is your Climate Assistant that takes care of your comfort at home and helps to reduce your energy bill.
Save money. Save energy and reduce your bills.


  • Anytime. Anywhere. Control your AC from anywhere with the tado° app on your phone.
  • More Insights. Clear overview of your climate history and savings
  • Effortless Setup. The tado° Smart AC Control connects to your Wi-Fi, no additional wiring is needed.
  • Energy Savings Guarantee. Save or get your money back within the first 100 days. (www.tado.com/eg-ac)
  • Multi-Room Control. Control multiple rooms separately with the tado° app.
  • Healthy Climate. The Climate Assistant helps you to keep a healthy climate at home.
  • Intuitive Control. Let tado° control your AC, so you don’t have to.*
  • Comfortable climate. Enjoy the perfect room temperature at all times - but only when someone’s at home.

Skills for your Climate Assistant

  • Geofencing notifies you to turn off your AC when no one is at home.**
  • Weather Adaptation integrates weather forecast information to assist in reducing your energy consumption. 
  • Statistics and Reports transparently display temperature & humidity profiles, cooling activity, and energy savings.
  • Air Comfort helps you keep a healthy & comfortable climate at home.
  • Open Window Detection notices open windows and lets you turn off the AC effortlessly.**
  • Smart Schedule – setup your individual schedule, as simple or as complex as you need it to be. 
  • Auto-Assist for even more comfort. You can automate Geofencing and Open Window Detection.***

*Benefit from automated skills with Auto-Assist
**You can automate this skill with Auto-Assist
**Auto Assist: available in-app, €/£2.99/month, €/£24.99/year 

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